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Art Deco Curtains | Embroidered Curtains | Curtains Bedroom

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Art Deco Curtains | Embroidered Curtains | Curtains Bedroom


Embroidered Curtains

The price is for 1 piece/1 panel. Not for 1 pair or 2 panels.

Size: 150cm x H260cm

Processing: Eyelet Curtains

Function: Translucidus (Shading Rate 30%-40%)

Style: Pastoral

Pattern: Embroidered Curtains

Pattern Type: Leaves

Tieback, Tassel.Beads.Hooks are not included.

For the Whole window. 2panels will be more beautiful.

Tips: Please allow 1-5cm deviation due to the hemming.

All items are taken from real curtains. However, different monitors may cause colours to vary slightly.

All of our curtains are top quality and hand-picked. We cater for a range of decor settings. We have light and dark curtains, curtains fit for children’s rooms and all sorts of adults rooms.

Plain curtain and those with patterns, we have an extensive range of eyelet and rod pocket curtains! We have all sorts of designs from abstract designs to flower patterns.

We have all sorts of fabrics such as velvet, net, Embroidered Curtains

  cotton, voile, polyester and silk fabric, so you have a vast range to choose from. We have something for everyone.

Please note the measurements of all curtains are stated as “width x height” please allow for 1-3cm of deviation due to the hemming.

We also make custom measure curtains, which may take a little longer, but feel free to request us to make custom curtains and we will be happy to arrange that for you if it’s possible.

Note: We may not be able to make curtains to your specific requirements, we will get back to you once you contact us. Customisation depends on the make of the curtain.

Suppose you are satisfied with the items. pls, remember to leave us 5 stars as encouragement.


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